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I'm a summer of 69 baby from Chicagoland with 5 years in Orlando. I now call Fargo home. I have a BA in Theatre from Bemidji State.
I am a writer journeying toward publication. I have one completed manuscript set in 1924 Chicago that is 75,000 words. I have other works in progress ranging from: erotic, contemporary, paranormal, time travel, inspirational. So, as you can see I'm across the board (which reflects my reading tastes as well!).
Finding time to write in between working two jobs and family can be challenging. I had a recent break from focusing on my original works, but am starting again. So, I'm still working on a balance with my 13 year old.
I am an avid reader, primarily romance and mysteries (combined is a plus) but I read just about anything. I have a website that features my fan fiction, books read, reading links, and tons of links on various subjects. Stop by!

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Happy New Year!

So, it has been years since I've updated this blog. There are numerous reasons as to why, but they can be summed up by the fact I haven't worked on my original writing in years. Lack of time was the bulk of the reason.

However, today is the first day of 2014, and I am trying to get my ducks in a row so that I can work on my goal of getting published. That means (hopefully) writing every day. I'm hoping I can stick with it as I've tried to get in this habit a few times over the past few years only to fail for whatever reason.

I'm not sure how much I'll be posting here - or even what I'll be posting here as far as content, but I hope to check in at least once a week. Even if no one else reads it, it'll be my effort to "see" that I'm actually doing it.

Happy New Year!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Rising From the Ashes (heh)

I've been in a funk for months. I have plenty of ideas floating around in my head, but sitting down to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) has been a problem. I'm not sure why. Things have been stressful personally since last spring when my husband was forced to resign from his job of 14 years. Finding another job that paid the same (or a comparable amount) that wouldn't take him far from home was difficult. He's not happy with the job he has currently, but he hasn't been unable to find anything else. So, things have been stressful. Unfortunately, my 16 year old bares the brunt of it as they lash out at each other - both are Type A personalities I guess, the type who worry and stress. I'm not and I tend to get caught in the middle.

My step-dad died suddenly last month of a massive stroke. He would have been 73 April 2 and it was just so sudden that it really has put me in a worse funk than I was before his death as far as being creative.

Couple that with my hours being cut practically in half the past month. All I can say is oy, it has to get better. Right!?!

I've been going through emails the last few days. I had online classes that I took back as far as last September still sitting there to go through and process. Bad, bad, Susan. Like I said above, stress!

In addition to the online class emails I've been sorting through the various emails I have saved from the writing loops I'm on. Some I saved merely for a helpful link they referenced. It's a huge task, but I feel like I'm decluttering (even if it's just my mailbox) - and by reading these tips and sites related to writing I'm slowly finding myself get pumped up again about writing.

I'm hoping I can turn the loss of hours into more writing time once I've completed the task of cleaning out my mailbox. It is hard at times, because I have a three year old and when I'm not working I feel guilty sitting at the computer. But hopefully I can start to balance it out.

It's finally spring here in Fargo - and maybe that's what I need. A pull myself up by my boot straps, fresh start.

Happy Writing!


Friday, February 16, 2007

Still here!

I apologize for not updating in quite some time. The intent is there, but unfortunately real life has not been fully cooperative of late. I'm hoping to get back into the swing of things and sit down and write this month.

Thank you for visiting and look for more soon!

Susan Falk

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

A little behind!

I didn't get Part 2 posted of my serial over the weekend. Last week was a bit busy, ending with a wedding Friday night. So very little writing was accomplished on my part last week. I'm itching to dive in again, hopefully tonight. Check back over the weekend.


Thursday, September 14, 2006


It's Thursday. I've gotten over 6,000 words written in my new version of SHARON'S ESCAPE. I'm thrilled to have it falling into place! Finding time to write this week had been challening as my little one has decided she no longer needs her afternoon naps. I've until now been guaranteed 90 minutes of writing time if I wanted it.

I've started on a serial that I'll post here, hopefully weekly. Look for the first installment this weekend. It will feature two characters from my completed manuscript AMANDA'S SONG. Melinda is Amanda's friend and Robert is Rourke's son. The two met at Amanda and Rourke's wedding. In the story, it's the summer of 1925 and Robert's just returned for the summer from college.

Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, September 10, 2006


I've been lax in writing much of anything lately due to a wall I'd been hitting with the contemporary WIP I have in the works SHARON'S ESCAPE. This manuscript was aimed toward a Silhouette Romance type venue. 25,000 words into it and it just wasn't working for me and I couldn't figure out why, but because I was almost halfway done with it I found it difficult to set it aside and work on other things. My mind kept wandering back to Sharon and why her story wasn't working for me. I spent the month of August editing what I'd written so far hoping it would jump-start my creative juices. It didn't. I wrote a paragraph here and there after completing the edits but it still wasn't working. Finally, late last Wednesday night I was cleaning my desk and it all became clear.

Sharon is a 30ish woman who married her high school sweetheart, put off going to college herself to work while he went through college and law school. Three years ago, he left her cleaning out their swanky Chicago apartment and their bank account as well. Sharon's yet to really move on despite the wishes of her family and friends.

I realized what Sharon needs isn't a comfortable, somewhat platonic relationship while she's housesitting for a month in Florida. What she needs is an affair. Something to knock her socks off and carry her kicking and screaming into life again.

And so SHARON'S ESCAPE has evolved from a sweet romance into my first real attempt at erotic romance. Check back to see how things are going with Sharon!


Sunday, September 03, 2006

Welcome to my Blog!

Here I will hopefully write about my progressive steps in getting published.

I currently have one completed manuscript. It is set in 1924 Chicago about a woman aspiring to sing despite a rather strict upbringing in which such a lifestyle is frowned on. Coming to Chicago from Iowa is a huge step for Amanda, bringing her one step closer to her dream. She leaves behind a large family who while they love her would never support her in her dreams and a suitor who was not very gentlemanly in his behavior. After witnessing her mother die in childbirth to children #8 & 9 as a young girl, Amanda has secretly vowed not to end up like her mother with nothingn to claim from her life but her own baseball team in children. She's not counting on her job at a Speak Easy resulting in her getting attention, particularly from the scarred owner of the Speak Easy, Roarke Collins. It's a romance, so of course it centers around Amanda's not only finding love but accepting it. AMANDA's SONG is 75,000 words.

I have several works in various stages of progress.

SHARON's ESCAPE is a contemporary romance set in present day Florida. An emotionally and socially reclusive woman, Sharon Peters agrees to housesit for her friend, bringing about her first vacation in years. While there she meets Neil Patton, a man who seems to have nothing better to do with his time but spend it with her for the month she's visiting. This work is geared to a line similar in nature to Silhouette Romance.

AN AUGUST WIND is a frontier historical romance set close to where I live now in Fargo, North Dakota. August comes to town after a long winter of solitude intent on restocking his depleted supplies and maybe seeking the comfort of a woman for a spell while he's there. He had not counted on the changes that took place in the little town during the winter, a dark cloud hangs over the town. He finds himself wanting to find out what has caused it, drawing him closer to a woman than he anticipates.

A FREE MAN is a contemporary Inspirational romance set in a rural Minnesota town. James Bonner has just been released from prison after five years, falsely imprisoned for a crime he did not commit. He returns to the town he and his father had visited often as a child for fishing, hunting and other outdoor activities intent on starting over and putting the pieces of his life back together. His landlord, Melissa Horton, has enough faith to flood the little town with it. He's doubtful that she can ever trust an ex-con, even one who claims his innocence.

TIFFANI's TRAVELS is a sequel to AMANDA's SONG and is a time travel, bringing Tiffani "with an I" Sinclair to the Roaring twenties where she meets James Andrews. We met James in AMANDA's SONG, he is Amanda's uncle by marriage and has been a widower for years. Believing that there was only one chance at love for him and having it cut short for him when his late wife was gunned down, James hasn't exactly lived the life of a hermit but he keeps women at bay. What is it about the frustrating Tiffani that has him rethinking his hesitancy to commit?